They say you can’t hurry love. But can we “speed write” poetry? And will it be any good? These are interesting questions. I posed this question to myself at a recent poetry workshop where we were given a series of “props” and given 10 minutes to write something about our chosen prop.

It was interesting observing the other participants choosing their prop and watching someone pick up the large, brightly coloured ostrich feather and tuck it behind their ear before starting to write. I can only imagine the great words she penned. I chose more “sedate” props in line with the love theme of the Odyssey series.

Below are two examples of the props I chose.

To make it interesting I gave myself a challenge – to write something in only 5 minutes. For those of you who relish a challenge, why don’t you see what you can do in 10 minutes, or 5 if you want. I would love to see what we can come up with. Feel free to post your own contribution on our social media sites.

Happy “speed writing!”