I feel both happy and I feel sad
That feeling when you say goodbye
To a bellowed childhood friend
Someone you have known for a lifetime
Who was there when you stubbed your toe
And when you experienced your first kiss
That friend you talked to when scared
The one you turned to when feeling overwhelmed.

And now I am at the station, saying goodbye
Knowing I am leaving for a country far away
And that from tomorrow, we will be worlds apart
After sharing each day and each memory
It is me continuing this journey, alone
Leaving behind a part of me so deeply embedded
Knowing that to stay would be a terrible mistake
Which would kill my soul and hold me back.

Do you even say goodbye, or do you simple leave?
Can you ever prepare for that final moment, when
The train departs and you see that lonely figure
Standing on the platform, and in that final gaze
You see the tears you never cried, the person
That you will never again be, having grown
My path is uncertain, yet, I know I have to
Take that first stride, even if the step is hesitant.

My comfort coming from a knowledge deep-rooted
Inside of me, that the lonely friend on the platform
Was me, before my welcome transformation to this
New and better me, emerging slowly, through personal triumph

Peter Venter